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Baso4 Plastic Filler Masterbatch for Blow Film Oct 15, 2016

Baso4 Plastic Filler Masterbatch for Blow Film

Basic Info:

1. Usage: General Plastics, Engineering Plastics, Specialty Plastics

2. Plastic Forming Method: Extrusion

3. Filler: BaSO4

4. Filler Content: 80%-85%

5. Density: 2.0-2.4

6. Adding Ratio: 2-40

7. Package: 25kg/Bag

8. Material: Powder and Plastic

9. Color: White

10. Carrier: PE

11. Mfi: 1-15

12. Moisture: less than 0.01

13. HS Code: 3824909990

Baso4 Plastic Filler Masterbatch advantages:
1. High transparent and brightness, the refractive index close to the PP,PE
2. The high adding ratio is more than 50%.
3. Good dispersion; donnot separate out.
4. Good heat sealing properties, high tensile strength
5. Improve the plastic products' mechanical properties, increase the intensity and stiffness.
6. Increase the extrusion output as per unit time,  improve the production efficiency and reduce the total production cost.