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Filling material analysis of the underlying causes of color difference Jul 05, 2016

1. color has not been seriously tried pigment caused by too little or too much;
2. the filler used in the machining process Metrology is not accurate, some of the country's small businesses-especially processing workshop enterprises, this measurement is not accurate often exists;
3. resin and filler matching there is a big problem, it could be improper filler masterbatch carrier, may also be the manufacturers to change resin;
4. is the machine temperature properly, especially high filler stays in the machine for too long, resulting in burn the toner.
Main reason for the difference is that these four, in the production process, therefore, if chromatic aberration problems, you can start with these four areas to consider changing some of the processing mode, basically can be solved, if it does not resolve in the search for other solutions.

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